Historical Presidential Election 2016: Will We Have a Woman as President?

As we write this blogpost, there are fewer than 90 days to Election Day 2016. It is a Presidential Election campaign more heated up and probably more stressful to candidates than we have seen during my lifetime. Whether or not Hillary Clinton wins this election and becomes the first Woman to be President of the United States, she is in the race and doing her best to get elected.
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To have the slogan we created: “Want to See a Woman in the House?-Vote HER In” become a reality means your vote is needed and your count counts. The creative team at Authentic Branding with Heart designed tshirts and promotional products that are available for a limited time to spread the word and celebrate history.

The role of President of the United States seems to be harder and harder all the time as we face pressure globally as a nation and all of the talk and planning will really mean nothing as the true situations arise once someone is elected. Our President will represent us through tough times with challenges here at home and abroad impacting our nation and our people.

We are blessed to have freedom of choice and speech and so we exercise our right of expression and this Election Collection is about sharing creativity and capturing a moment in history which you can support by buying one of more items. The campaign will help raise money to further develop this website as a place which will provide resources to help entrepreneurs. http://booster.com/womaninthehouse

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