Business Partnerships That Magnify and Multiply Your Talents for Synergistic Success

In this business world that is changing faster than the speed of light, creating partnerships with other professionals who help magnify and multiply your combined gifts and talents can be the best pathway to faster success and synergistic results.

As individual small business owners, there are too many functions and facets of a business for any one person to have mastery of all the skills necessary to be wildly or even mildly successful. In fact, there’s so much that has to be done that without partners, virtual or traditional assistants, websites, social media, marketing and clients and/or customers you will be out of business faster than you might have imagined.

Success is not achieved alone. The process of finding the right business partners is not easy, but important. You cannot compete in this global, digital economy alone- even if the work you do is performed and delivered alone. You must combine your efforts with a team to maximize your effectiveness.

When you find the right partnerships- those where your joint efforts reflect, magnify and multiply each others’ gifts and talents, they can take your clients and customers to levels of success that you each alone could not and the pace at which this happens is faster than might have otherwise been possible or expected.

Jo Ann Goldsmith, a Madison Avenue Design Branding Expert was introduced to Lori Wilk, a media/marketing strategist and influencer through a networking event. Although it took time for  Jo Ann and Lori to realize the potential and power that would be created by combining their individual talents for the benefit of their clients, when this happened their business expanded and soared.

This business partnership lead  to the formation of new business entities: http://www.WinningForWomen.com;

It would be impossible to compete online without having our Millennial website building and managing Expert, Katrina Fleisher, Owner of guiding us. Katrina brings WordPress knowledge and copywriting for SEO optimization to our business ventures, marketing and website presence. She also has a unique Millennial point of view that is refreshing and relevant to today’s fast-changing business environment.