Winning For Women Action Fund Announces Six-Figure Ad Buy Supporting Jen Kiggans

"As a Navy veteran and strong conservative leader, Democrats know Jen is a real threat, that's why they started spending against her before she's even the official Republican nominee."
June 16, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – Winning For Women Action Fund (WFW AF) today launched a six-figure TV and radio buy in support of Jen Kiggans, a candidate running in Virginia’s Second Congressional District. The buy comes after Democrats launched a six-figure campaign against Kiggans in the final week before the Republican primary.

“As a Navy veteran and strong conservative leader, Democrats know Jen is a real threat, that’s why they started spending against her before she’s even the official Republican nominee. We’re making our own investment to counter that because we know Jen is the real deal and will flip this district red in November.” 

The ad buy from WFW AF includes TV and radio in the Norfolk media market.


Earlier this month, WFW AF released a poll showing Kiggans had a wide lead with primary voters. Winning For Women PAC endorsed Kiggans in October 2021 and helped raise over $100K in hard dollars to her campaign.

WFW AF is the political arm of Winning For Women. Launched in 2019, it is the first SuperPAC dedicated solely to electing Republican women. WFW AF and related groups raised over $4.6 million in the first quarter of 2022 and spent nearly $3 million last cycle.


ABOUT WINNING FOR WOMEN: Winning For Women is a 501(c)(4) organization that aims (1) to inform the public of national security and free-market policy that will benefit the lives of all Americans, (2) to organize and amplify the voices of women across the country who embrace such, broadening the audience for a strong conservative message, and (3) to expand the ability of right-of-center women to succeed in their pursuit of leadership opportunities, including elected office. W4W works closely with its advisory team of high-profile leaders and supporters. Its Board of Directors includes former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, former U.S. Representative Barbara Comstock, founding partner at West Front Strategies Ashley Davis, W4W Board Member Jenny Singer, Hudson Institute Chairman Sarah May Stern, and W4W Board Member Rebecca Schuller.