Barbara Comstock

Running for Reelection, VA-10

Law school is demanding. So is parenting young children. Now put them both together at the same time, and you’ll see why Barbara Comstock’s energy and determination quickly won the respect and admiration of her peers at Georgetown Law.

As a staffer for Congressman Frank Wolf, Barbara brought her intelligence and work ethic to making sure families in Northern Virginia were being well-represented in Washington. She continued to fight on behalf of taxpayers by eliminating waste and abuse in the system as Chief Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

During one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history, Barbara didn’t back down. She ran public affairs for the Justice Department after September 11th - coordinating efforts with other agencies and departments and leading communication efforts surrounding high-profile cases.

Barbara not only knows what it takes to cut government waste, she knows what it takes to run a small business. She ran her own small public affairs and government relations firm, which gave her great insight into what needed to be done in the Virginia General Assembly to make the Commonwealth more open to entrepreneurs.

Now in Congress, Barbara is drawing on her wealth of experience to continue the fight to rein in government spending, protect our nation, and most importantly, give a voice to millions of Americans who want their government to work for them.

You’ll find her name on the ballot as she seeks reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives representing Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.


Encouraging the next generation of leaders is a cause near and dear to Barbara’s heart. Counting among her (many) legislative successes was this year’s INSPIRE Women Act, a bill dedicated to inspiring girls to learn and pursue careers in STEM subjects. Barbara brought her colleagues together to pass the bill with bipartisan support and sent it to the President for his signature.

While in Congress, Barbara has continued her fight to keep America safe. She sponsored a bill that will dedicate funding to safe neighborhood programs – including anti-gang task forces like those who are fighting off MS-13 in Northern Virginia. Barbara’s bill passed the House with overwhelming (and bipartisan) support, passed the Senate, and was signed by the President.

Barbara isn’t afraid to stand up and amplify the voices of women (and men) who need to be heard. She has taken the lead on holding her colleagues responsible for their actions – relating a story of a young woman sexually harassed by her boss in the House of Representatives during a hearing on #MeToo. Barbara once again worked across the aisle to force the House to fundamentally update its antiquated rules on harassment at work and ban the use of taxpayer funds for the settling of harassment cases.