Carla Nelson

Carla Nelson

Candidate for House of Representatives, MN-01
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In Carla Nelson’s classroom, her students’ education didn’t stop at reading and arithmetic. Carla’s “lessons for life” focused on the importance of accountability, responsibility, and hard work; the same values she learned from her parents, teachers, and working on her family farm.

Carla’s political journey began when elected officials tried to deny local kids a neighborhood park — and she has been fighting for her community ever since. She has served in leadership with her local chapter of Junior Achievement, University of Minnesota Citizens Advisory Council and the Rochester Music Guild. She has also been involved with the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs Board of Directors, the MN Office on the Economic State of Women Advisory Committee, and the Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

She knows her community and Carla fights for the people she represents. From opposing excessive tax increases to ensuring taxpayers aren’t burdened with the cost of Minnesota politicians’ sexual harassment settlements, Carla will stand up to big government. As a teacher, Carla once helped shape her students into young men and women of good character. She now seeks a place in Washington to help her country do the same.

Carla will be on the ballot seeking election in Minnesota’s 1st District.