Cindy Hyde-Smith

Senate Candidate, Mississippi

As a fifth-generation cattle farmer, Cindy Hyde-Smith understands the value of hard work. And has spent her career working on behalf of her fellow ranchers.

Shortly after her daughter turned one month old, Cindy qualified for her first political race for the Mississippi State Senate. Cindy spent the next 12 years serving Mississippi as a state senator, where she turned passion and expertise as a cattle farmer into tangible achievement as Chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee. In 2011, she decided to run for statewide office, becoming the first female Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. During her term, Cindy was one of three women ever elected to statewide office in Mississippi.

While serving as commissioner, Cindy fought for Mississippi families and small businesses by rolling back excessive regulations, opening up new agricultural markets overseas, and championing USDA food safety labeling standards on imports.

Earlier this year, Cindy broke another glass ceiling—she was the first woman ever selected to serve the state of Mississippi in Washington D.C., and her appointment brought the number of women in the United States Senate to a record high of 23.

This lifelong Mississippi trailblazer will be on the ballot this November.


“I think it’s time to woman up and take control, get us in the direction we need to be going.”

Cindy has been working on behalf of fellow farmers and ranchers for nearly her entire career. Whether in the state senate, as chair of the Agriculture Committee, and during her time as the state Agriculture Commissioner, Cindy has made it her mission to do what she can to allow Mississippi’s largest industry to grow and thrive. The Mississippi Farm Bureau recognized Cindy in 2013 by giving her the prestigious Distinguished Service Award, which “is reserved for someone who has truly made a difference in the lives of Mississippi farmers.” Now, in the U.S. Senate, Cindy sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, where she will continue to fight for Mississippi farmers.

Since coming to Washington, Cindy has been a strong advocate for veterans receiving the healthcare they need and deserve. She supported the VA Mission Act of 2018, a bill designed to give veterans more freedom to make healthcare decisions closer to home. And Cindy recently introduced a bill to amend the Wounded Warrior Medical Leave Act to allow veterans more time to receive the medical care they deserve.