Marsha Blackburn

Senate Candidate, Tennessee

Marsha Blackburn has been blazing new trails most of her life. Her career started humbly but notably - being the first woman hired by Southwestern Company to sell books door-to-door. Later, through hard work, determination, and music industry expertise, Marsha went on to launch her own event promotion management company. Her personal journey from independent salesperson to entrepreneur has made Marsha a tireless advocate and ambassador for American small business owners – including those in the music business, the vibrant heart and soul of Tennessee.
When she wanted to run for elected office, Marsha was told she could never win. But she used that dismissal as motivation to win a seat in Tennessee’s state senate and later a seat in the U.S. Congress.
During her eight terms serving Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District, Marsha earned a reputation as a tell-it-like-it-is, won’t-back-down crusader for conservative values. She goes to work ready to break down the barriers and obstacles that stand in the way of small business success, paving a path to job creation and economic growth.
Now, Marsha’s sights are set on the U.S. Senate as she runs to represent her home state in the upper chamber. Her name will be on the ballot this fall as she strives to be the first woman senator to serve Tennessee.


“There is nothing that says you as a female, or you as a conservative female, are unworthy. Not anything.”

Marsha has said that the women of Congress make up the “get ‘r done” caucus – that they are the ones who come together as the problem solvers in Washington. She herself has sponsored over 200 pieces of legislation, covering issues ranging from immigration to health care to economics.

A long-time champion of small-government and lower taxes, Marsha first made a name for herself opposing a state income tax. Since being elected to Congress, Americans for Tax Reform have named her a “Taxpayer Hero” every year for consistently fighting for lower taxes on all Americans.

Marsha has seen how Obamacare has left many Americans to face increasing health care costs – and she has been working to right that wrong. Marsha has not only supported efforts to repeal Obamacare, but she has sponsored the Health Care Choice Act of 2017 which would allow families to shop for health insurance across state lines, increasing competition and decreasing costs.