Martha McSally

Senate Candidate, Arizona

A groundbreaking military veteran, Martha McSally was the first female fighter pilot in U.S. history to fly in combat, served six tours of duty, and became the first woman to command a fighter squadron.

Throughout her military service, Martha fought for the rights of women in uniform, challenging the Pentagon’s archaic rules requiring American servicewomen to wear an abaya (a cloak frequently worn by women in Muslim countries) when traveling off-base during deployments.

As the only conservative woman veteran in the House of Representatives, Martha hasn’t stopped fighting. For families, for our military, and for the future of all Americans. A graduate of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Martha has paired her military experience with her passion for public policy to fight for the men and women of Arizona in Washington.

After winning two elections to represent Arizona in the House of Representatives, Martha's sights are set on the U.S. Senate. And if elected, she'll be the first woman senator to serve Arizona.

Martha will be on the ballot this summer running for the U.S. Senate.


“Our country is founded on the principle that we pick the best man for the job, even if she’s a woman”.

Martha takes her service to her country seriously – and her deployment to Washington as Congresswoman has been no different. In just two terms in the House, she has sponsored 54 bills, maneuvered 18 of them through the House, and passing 2 of them into law. The vast majority of these bills have focused on keeping Americans safe abroad and here at home.

In 2015, Martha sponsored and passed into law the Border Jobs for Veterans Act of 2015. This bill combined two of Martha’s top priorities: ensuring our veterans are cared for and provided opportunities when they come home, and securing our national security – especially at the border. This common sense solution encouraged the hiring of qualified, trained veterans for the hard-to-fill civilian jobs protecting our ports and borders, and did it all without raising costs.

A signature issue for Martha has been her steadfast support of military readiness, including the retooling of the A-10 Warthog (the plane she flew while in the Air Force and some of which are stationed in Arizona). During a Congressional hearing, Martha pushed the Air Force Secretary to confirm on the record that the A-10 will continue to fly for decades to come. With the newest Defense Authorization bill, Martha is fighting to ensure that the Air Force invests in maintaining the A-10, improves the facilities of Luke Air Force Base, and supports Arizona’s other military priorities.