Martha McSally

Martha McSally

Senate Candidate, Arizona
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Martha McSally often says: “When you value people, you give them freedom” – and her entire professional life has been a testament to that phrase.

This groundbreaking military veteran was the first female fighter pilot in U.S. history to fly in combat, served six tours of duty, and became the first woman to command a fighter squadron. Throughout Martha’s military service, she fought for the rights of women in uniform, challenging the Pentagon’s archaic rules requiring American servicewomen to wear an abaya (a cloak frequently worn by women in Muslim countries) when traveling off-base during deployments.

As a member of Congress, Martha hasn’t stopped fighting. For families, for our military, and for the future of all Americans. A graduate of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, this policy guru has passed nine bills through the U.S. House of Representatives, two of which have become law, all aimed at keeping American families safe and secure.

After winning two elections to represent Arizona in Congress, Martha's sights are set on the U.S. Senate. And if elected, she'll be the first woman senator to serve Arizona.

Martha will be on the ballot this summer running for the U.S. Senate.