Mimi Walters

Mimi Walters

Running for Reelection, CA-45
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Mimi Walters is the leader other leaders look to for inspiration.

As an executive at a major investment banking firm, Mimi fought her way to the top, igniting a desire to help others succeed. This passion inspired Mimi to found the California Women’s Leadership Association, an organization dedicated to electing conservative women to leadership positions and ensuring women’s voices and their concerns are always heard within the highest levels of government.

Mimi is a champion for job creation, lower taxes, less intrusive government, and greater fiscal responsibility. In addition, she has been at the forefront of legislation aimed at revising workplace flexibility regulations and has been tireless in her legislative efforts to give women and families more flexibility and opportunity. Her leadership is making an impact now more than ever – she serves as one of the highest-ranking women in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mimi’s name will be on the ballot in California’s 45th Congressional District as she runs for reelection.