Tiffany Shedd

Tiffany Shedd

Candidate for House of Representatives, AZ-01
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For so many Americans, their property is their livelihood. A piece of the American Dream. A way to earn a living. Home.

Tiffany Shedd knows this better than anyone. Her pioneer family set out for the West in search of opportunity and a better life. They found it, and so much more, in rural Arizona. Generations later, Tiffany and husband Rodney met as students in their community’s one-room schoolhouse. Today, the Shedds carry on the traditions and values of the “Old West” in today’s “New West,” running a cotton and wheat ranch while raising three children.

As a small business attorney, Tiffany has been dogged in her efforts to protect citizens’ private property from government overreach. And in the U.S. House of Representatives, she will be a tireless advocate for her fellow Arizonans and all Americans who have worked and saved to achieve economic independence and freedom.

Tiffany will be on the ballot seeking election in Arizona’s 1st District, a place her family has called home for over 100 years.