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Economic Freedom

Promoting Growth

Vellie Dietrich-Hall
Immigrant | Business Owner | Volunteer

Once a barefoot, hungry child in the Philippines, Vellie became a nanny to children in America. Her promise of a brighter future was soon stained by spousal abuse. She didn’t quit. Instead, she scooped up her toddler and forged ahead. A belief in self-sufficiency, individualism set her free. Free to build a management consultancy servicing federal agencies. Domestic violence remains her cause. Though her energies today are spent running several successful businesses, she remains passionate about championing women and selling their wares through her Virginia storefront, Vellie’s Boutique & Gifts.

Fortifying the Workforce of Tomorrow

Dr. Terry Neese
Global Entrepreneur | Small Business Advocate

We dream. We build. We dream bigger. We work harder. Such is the life of an entrepreneur. Terry knows. She built a business. It went up in flames, literally. Then, she built it again! Terry grew jobs and found jobs for Oklahomans. Four decades, rolling up her sleeves. Her passion paid off. Now, Terry's paying it forward. Opening doors to women abroad, helping define their destiny.

Safeguarding Flexibility and Freedom

Dr. Parmis Khatibi
Drug Therapy Expert | Ignitor of Women’s Leadership

Americans are living longer, thanks to medical advancements. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re able to access or afford care. A daughter of educators, Parmis was exposed to and embraced science early. Teaching and treating the underserved is also in her DNA. She spends her days with patients fighting the cycle of opioid addiction, and other life-threatening diseases. Away from the clinic, she’s fighting stereotypes, lifting up young women. Own your power, persevere, take pride in your accomplishments, she coaches.