Winning For Women PAC Announces New Slate of Endorsements

April 20, 2022

WFW PAC has now endorsed 25 candidates this cycle 

WASHINGTON, DC – Winning For Women PAC (WFW PAC) today announced its fifth slate of endorsements this cycle, bringing its total number of endorsements to 25 for the 2022 midterm election. 

Endorsements include: 

  • April Becker, NV-03
  • Kelly Daughtry, NC-13
  • Mayra Flores, TX-34
  • Cassandra ‘Cassy’ Garcia, TX-28
  • Theresa Gavarone, OH-09
  • Erin Houchin, IN-09

“From Ohio, down to the Texas border, Winning For Women PAC is excited to add six qualifed women to our slate of endorsements this cycle,” said Annie Dickerson, Founder and Chair of WFW PAC. “By backing exceptional candidates, we will ensure the best leaders are joining the soon-to-be Republican majority.”

“Winning For Women PAC is leading the charge to elect more conservative women to Congress and I am honored to have earned their endorsement. The work they have done, and the work they are doing, is going to directly result in Republicans taking back the House and Republican women will be leading the charge.” – April Becker, NV-03

“I could not be more proud to earn the support of such a prestigious organization as Winning For Women PAC; an organization that helps elect Republican women to federal office. While we continue our strong fundraising and grassroots work, endorsements like that of Winning For Women add to our momentum. As we push closer to victory, my campaign is showing that conservative women are ready to lead and serve.” – Kelly Daughtry, NC-13 

“I am honored to receive Winning For Women PAC’s endorsement today. We have a historic opportunity to flip this seat in South Texas, and show the country that Hispanics from all walks of life share our common sense conservative values. I am grateful that Winning For Women PAC believes in our campaign and for the support and encouragement they have provided along this incredible journey.” – Mayra Flores, TX-34

“From the gas pump to the grocery stores, the policies of the Biden-Harris administration are hurting Americans everyday and people are fed up. Winning for Women PAC has a deep history of supporting strong qualified Conservative female candidates and I am honored to have their endorsement and look forward to their partnership during this historical election!” – Cassandra ‘Cassy’ Garcia, TX-28

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Winning For Women PAC—an organization that works tirelessly to help get conservative women into Congress. This campaign’s momentum keeps growing because it is clear that I am the only candidate who can defeat Marcy Kaptur and help take back the House. And thanks to support from groups like Winning For Women, we are going to do just that!” – Theresa Gavarone, OH-09

“I am grateful to receive the endorsement of Winning For Women PAC. Their mission is one I strongly support.” – Erin Houchin, IN-09

WFW PAC will max out to the campaigns of each of these endorsed candidates. It bases its endorsements on a number of metrics, including: significant fundraising numbers proportionate to the candidate’s district; an established campaign team; and a viable path to success through the primary and general elections.

So far this cycle, WFW PAC endorsed three Senate candidates and 16 congressional candidates, including nine incumbents.


WFW PAC is proud to provide hard-dollar support to help fuel the campaigns of top women candidates. Through its nationwide network, more than 800k WFW members will also provide small-dollar and grassroots support. WFW Action Fund (WFW AF), the first Republican Super PAC dedicated solely to electing women, provides critical, independent, early support that is a key factor in winning elections.