Issues that Matter: Deregulation

Originally posted in WFW Weekly Wins, Vol. 12
May 4, 2018

Why are we talking about deregulation?

First of all, at Winning For Women, deregulation and promotion of small business are core policy beliefs

What does “deregulation” mean?

At its most basic level, deregulation is removing or reducing government involvement in a particular industry.

Why is this important?

WFW believes the federal government should not impose complicated rules that make it harder for people to open, own, or operate their own businesses. WFW supports cutting red tape and simplifying rules to help real Americans realize their entrepreneurial dreams and thrive in the marketplace.

State of regulation in 2017

Here are a few stats, from Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) annual report :

  • The Trump administration delayed or repealed more than 1,500 regulations passed by the previous administration.
  • Even with those changes, federal regulations and intervention still cost Americans $1.9 trillion in 2017.
  • 2017 saw fewer new federal regulations created than any year since the National Archives started tracking regulatory rules in 1976.
  • Again, even with those positive strides, 3,200 new rules or regulations were created during 2017. That’s 34 new regulations for every single bill passed by Congress!

Most assessments of the current U.S. and global economy are very positive and many credit tax cuts and deregulation to speeding up growth. All that being said, if regulation reform is to last, it’ll require not only the executive branch’s support but also that of Congress.

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This piece originally appeared in WFW’s Newsletter: Weekly Wins, Volume 12.
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