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National Security

Repaying the Debt of Gratitude

Tiffany Smiley
Military Spouse | Entrepreneur | Mom

When the unexpected takes possession of our breath, our life, it’s then we must fight to reclaim what we know, to restore our ability to exhale. Tiffany is acquainted with the unforeseen. Her high school sweetheart, an Infantry Platoon Leader was injured in Iraq. A suicide car bomb stole Scotty’s sight. Tiffany saw darkness too. Yet, they overcame their struggle, rescued by faith, revived by family.

Keeping Us Safe at Home

Lisa Daftari
Terrorism & Security Expert | Journalist

Too often, evil lurks in the shadows. The unknown. It’s haunting. Yet, journalists, armed with tools to unmask terror’s vile intent, persist in pursuit. Lisa stands among them. Digging. Unearthing. Foiling their schemes to harm us, to puncture our lives with violence. Lisa has made it her life’s work. She is called upon by top brass to share from the well of knowledge she commands. She shares with us, to keep us safe at home.

Assuring Military Readiness

Dr. Kimberly Kagan
National Security Expert | Military Advisor

Complex, dynamic, multifaceted. This is how Kim describes America’s challenges. From West Point classrooms to battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, she’s informed both nascent and seasoned soldiers. Unbiased, studied, contextual. This is why she’s consulted. No, she didn’t wear the uniform. It’s not a prerequisite. And, she’s teaching next generations of women who’ll step into the arena, tapping the country’s human potential to help secure it.