New Poll: Voters Agree Biden’s $4T Spending Plan is Wrong Move for Economy

May 28, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Winning For Women (W4W) today released the following statement after a recent poll, conducted by Echelon Insights, found a majority of voters -including women, independents and suburbanites -are concerned that the Biden administration’s proposed $4 trillion infrastructure proposal will negatively impact the economy:

“A majority of voters, including independents and women, believe that President Biden’s nearly $4 trillion spending proposal is the wrong move for the economy. As businesses and families struggle to recover from the pandemic, the last thing they need is higher prices at the grocery store and gas pump. Now is the time to make the case for conservative policies that will ensure economic growth for American families,”said Olivia Perez-Cubas, W4W spokesperson.

“While items like infrastructure may be popular with voters, they also say that expansive spending packages come with real potential costs. Particularly, worries that significant spending could lead to big cost-of-living increases, inflation, and economic slowdown. Women, independents, and suburban voters are key groups that agree with these concerns,”said Kristen Soltis Anderson, pollster at Echelon Insights.

After being told Biden’s proposal would include spending on infrastructure, health care, childcare, free college and paid leave, findings from the polling show:

  • 58% of voters believe the Biden proposal will lead to inflation, raising prices and the cost-of living for Americans, including:
    • 54% of women
    • 61% of Independents
    • 56% of non-liberal Democrats
    • 63% of women with kids
  • 57% of voters believe the proposed tax hikes will slow down the economy and jeopardize the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, including:
    • 52% of women
    • 55% of Independents
    • 58% of non-liberal Democrats
    • 50% of women with kids
  • 53% of voters believe the proposal will result in an expansion of government into areas best left to individuals and businesses
  • Voters ranked jobs and the economy as the biggest issue facing the country today

Additional background:

  • 52% of respondents identified as women
  • 43% of respondents reported living in a suburb near a city

The poll surveyed 1132 National Registered Voters between May 14-17, 2021.


ABOUT WINNING FOR WOMEN: Winning For Women is a 501(c)(4) organization that aims (1) to inform the public of national security and free-market policy that will benefit the lives of all Americans, (2) to organize and amplify the voices of women across the country who embrace such, broadening the audience for a strong conservative message, and (3) to expand the ability of right-of-center women to succeed in their pursuit of leadership opportunities, including elected office. W4W works closely with its advisory team of high-profile leaders and supporters. Its Board of Directors includes former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, former U.S. Representative Barbara Comstock, founding partner at West Front Strategies Ashley Davis, W4W Board Member Jenny Singer, Hudson Institute Chairman Sarah May Stern, and W4W Board Member Rebecca Schuller.