WFW AF Congratulates Young Kim on Primary Victory in CA-40

March 6, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Winning For Women Action Fund (WFW AF) released the following statement congratulating Rep. Young Kim on her primary victory in California’s 40th Congressional District.

“Congratulations to Young Kim on her primary victory,” said WFW AF Executive Director Danielle Barrow. “As a Korean American mom and small business owner who has fought and delivered for her district, we need her re-elected this November. We have been proud to support Young for years and we look forward to continuing that support through the general election.”

Support for Kim this cycle includes:

  • Following a May 2023 endorsement of Kim for re-election, WFW PAC maxed out to her campaign.

  • WFW AF leadership has raised a total of $74,000 in hard dollars for Kim, and additional fundraisers have already been scheduled across the country.


The Winning For Women (WFW) entities were proud to provide women candidates with unprecedented resources in the 2022 cycle. Through our SuperPAC – the first dedicated solely to electing Republican women, 501(c)(4) and connected PAC, and other hard dollar efforts, we raised over $17 million to support right-of-center women. WFW conducted targeted issue advocacy campaigns, briefings with partner organizations, DC and in-district press events, and mentorship programs. Our political arm hosted national fundraisers that raised nearly $4 million in hard dollars, and WFW AF spent over $8 million in independent expenditure campaigns to advance women through contested races.

This cycle, WFW PAC has already backed over a dozen House candidates and incumbents running for re-election. WFW AF’s leadership has already raised over $1 million in hard dollars for WFW PAC’s endorsed candidates, and has scheduled multiple fundraisers throughout the country to ensure they have the resources needed to win.