Winning For Women Action Fund and Related Groups Raise $4.6 Million in Q1

WFW Action Press Release
April 12, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC –Winning For Women Action Fund (WFW AF), and related groups, raised more than $4.6 million in the first quarter of 2022. WFW AF had its best quarter yet as it prepares to engage in some of the most contested primaries in the House, in addition to its ongoing efforts in the Ohio Senate race.

To date, WFW AF and its network of supporters have raised over $8.4 million this cycle, including over two million hard dollars for Republican women candidates.

“We saw last cycle that when we invest in women, they can win and win big,” said Annie Dickerson, Founder and Chair of Winning For Woman. “This cycle, we are backing exceptional candidates who we know are majority makers and the future of the GOP. Early support is critical to getting them over the finish line in November, and every dollar we raise gets them one step closer.”

WFW AF is the political arm of Winning For Women. It is the first SuperPAC dedicated solely to electing Republican women.

So far this cycle, W4W PAC endorsed three Senate candidates and 16congressional candidates, including nine incumbents. In March, WFW Action Fund launched a seven-figure television, radio, digital, and mail campaign in support of Jane Timken, a top candidate in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race.