Leah Vukmir

Senate Candidate, Wisconsin

The daughter of Greek immigrants, Leah Vukmir was taught from an early age that family comes first. Born and raised in Wisconsin, this proud Blue Star military mom knows what matters most to the people of the Badger state.

As an involved mother, she started asking questions about the efficacy of her children’s curriculums, which launched her into advocacy for higher education standards. As a nurse who has worked in emergency rooms and training other healthcare workers, Leah has a wealth of knowledge about how our healthcare system actually operates and what could be done to fix it.

Leah brings her Wisconsin values and real experience to how she governs. It’s why she has fought tirelessly for Wisconsin families as state senator and assistant majority leader, even in the face of death threats. Now she’s ready to take the fight to our nation’s capital where Leah will fight to preserve midwestern ideals and will be a voice for Wisconsin families.

Leah will be on the ballot seeking election in Wisconsin.


Leah knows that combating the opioid epidemic isn’t an issue that can be solved only on the national level. As a state senator, she authored a bill that was signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. The bill provides grants to local law enforcement agencies so that they can expand investigations into high level drug trafficking operations AND provides funding for preventative youth programs.

Leah brings her experience as a nurse to the legislative table when working on how Wisconsin can make health care work for Badger state families. One of Leah’s proudest accomplishments was stopping a left-leaning measure for a state-run healthcare plan back in 2007. In its place, she pushed for “Patients First,” which included greater tax breaks for people who buy health insurance.